About us


mulaipariAGRI NEST is a voluntary organization which promotes Agro-Based Projects among farmers, entreprenurs, and various women groups of India. Supported by ECOGREEN UNIT focuses on income generation, self-employment, and the livelyhood activites of the downtroden communities, and rural women of india. It  is an ongoing mission, initiated 20 years ago . We also provide a window to the urban people to take a soulful look into the rural Indian Villages and the people . For us still India lives in the Villages. Come and Take a look at it.



AGRI NEST is unlike the average, run-of-the-mill Resort projects. On the contrary, it is a derivation of Agri Tourism, exploring the unique life style of the Indian farming community, learning about the quaint village cultures and practises, and keenly observing the traditional knowledge pertaining to the rural India, and interacting with the friendly and hospitable people of this region.


Are you willing to leave the hectic urban life-style behind for a while? Do you wish to rejuvinate yourself in the soothing calmness of mother nature? If your answer is Yes!, the Nilla Nadhi is the ideal destination. AGRI NEST Farms is located in the banks of this ancient, and traditionly rich river, known as Nilla Nadhi; which translates as “Moon River”. This beautifull river, with it’s clean, pure, fresh and sparkling water has even been praised by many malayalam poets like, for instance, the great poet-saint Ezuthachan, the founder of the Malayalam Lepi. The Nilla Nadhi flows into the Arabian sea, passing on its way through the highly scenic Western Ghats.


To add to the lure of this great river , it even absorbs a substantial amount of invigorating mineral salts, and also gets infused with a number of herbal properties, thereby enhancing its propensity to soothe, heal and totally relax the body, mind and the soul. Agri Nest takes advantage of this gift of nature, and invites you to enjoy the silence, chirping of birds , tranquility of this gently gurgling river, and it’s serene surroundings of lush greenery. Now is the time for one to take a decission to leave all your tensions of the modern city life; and immerse yourselves in the lap of mother nature together with this typical village hospitality. Agri Nest Welcomes everyone!!